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Amplify Austin Day History and Results

What is Amplify Austin Day?

Amplify Austin Day is our community’s annual day of online giving. The 24-hour period provides an easy and fun way for our entire community to give together. Over the past six years, Amplify Austin Day has raised over $45M for over 700 local nonprofit organizations.

Anyone can make a donation, set up monthly donations or fundraise for a favorite cause at any time - whether it’s for a special event or a specific project. The site is the leading resource for companies, newcomers and families when they are looking to connect to giving in Central Texas.

Who created it?

I Live Here I Give Here created this initiative in 2013. I Live Here I Give Here is a nonprofit organization on a mission to make Austin the most generous community in the nation. We believe that we can build a more united, more prosperous Austin for all when we give together as a community.

I Live Here I Give Here is a bridge to impact, helping you make your mark, your way on our city. Austin has been named one of the most economically segregated cities in the country while also being named one of America’s strongest economies. Austin is currently ranked the 33rd most generous city in the US, compared to our neighbors Dallas at number 4, Houston at number 5 and San Antonio at number 25. We know we can do better!

By inspiring new and young givers, volunteers, and activists to make an impact on the community where they live, I Live Here I Give Here is ensuring that Austin thrives for decades to come.

When will Amplify Austin Day 2019 take place?

6pm, Thursday, February 28 through 6pm, Friday, March 1, 2019.

Membership Benefits

What are the benefits of participating?

I Live Here I Give Here works hard to ensure extensive publicity of Amplify Austin Day as well as a generous Stretch Fund and prizes. We host relevant live trainings and provide useful resource materials and opportunities to help your organization build capacity, grow donations and reach new donors.

This annual day of giving presents an exciting opportunity for you to leverage your team’s efforts by capitalizing on the energy, publicity and branding of a regional campaign. Our team works hard year-round to secure $1M of in-kind marketing opportunities for the Day to encourage our community to give local.

Our community has consistently come together for one day, on one platform and the results have been tremendous. Residual giving continues after the big day because of the good spirits this community movement fosters. Last year, Amplify Austin Day brought in over $550K in additional funding during the hours before and after the official 24-hours.

What are the benefits beyond Amplify Austin Day?

The benefits of participating in I Live Here I Give Here’s Nonprofit Membership Program extend well beyond Amplify Austin Day., our digital marketplace of causes is available for Nonprofit Members to receive donations year-round. Nonprofit Members can receive real-time donation information, create year-round Fundraising Campaigns or showcase ongoing volunteer opportunities and events 365 days of the year.

Participating organizations will also have access to the Central Texas #GivingTuesday campaign. As the #GivingTuesday Community Leader, I Live Here I Give Here’s #GivingTuesday program promotes doing good and monthly giving in Central Texas. In 2017, the Central Texas community participated in over 1.6 Million actions-for-good to benefit and impact many local nonprofits, initiatives and the people of our community.

As a Nonprofit Member, you will also receive access to capacity-building opportunities, access to exclusive marketing opportunities like the I Live Here I Give Here Magazine in partnership with Austin Monthly and KUT’s Get Involved Spotlight, inclusion in our year-round programming and more. Review our Membership Benefits Package for more information.

Eligibility and Membership Dues

What are the minimum requirements for a nonprofit to be eligible to participate?

What costs are associated with I Live Here I Give Here Membership?

All participating nonprofits pay annual membership dues to be an I Live Here I Give Here Nonprofit Member. Membership gives nonprofit organizations access to participation in our giving initiatives Amplify Austin Day and Giving Tuesday. Nonprofit Members will also have the ability to receive donations through the technology platform any day of the year. Nonprofit Membership includes extensive training materials, live donor information, capacity to host independent fundraising campaigns 365 days of the year and other year-round benefits in I Live Here I Give Here programming and on the platform.

Membership Dues:

Operating budget less than $100,000 = $160

Operating budget is greater than $100,000 and less than $500,000 = $260

Operating budget is greater than $500,000 = $360

Early bird special of 10% off available before November 16, 2018.

When can I register?

Membership Renewal will be open October 12, 2018 and will close December 14, 2018. New Nonprofit Member Registration will open in October 12, 2018 and will close January 11, 2019.

Do I have to register to participate if I participated last year?

Yes. All nonprofit organizations must renew their membership every year. Registration will open in October 12, 2018. 2019 benefits start January 1, 2019 and are valid through December 31, 2019.

Stay Connected

How can I stay up-to-date on Amplify Austin Day?

  • Visit the Amplify Austin website,
  • Subscribe to I Live Here I Give Here Nonprofit Newsletter. Newsletters are delivered every first Tuesday of each month.
    • Important note: During Amplify Austin season, email communication to Nonprofit Members will increase and is filled with critical information regarding campaign updates, important deadlines and trainings for Amplify Austin Day. Please read all communications in their entirety. If you do not receive the Nonprofit Newsletter, contact Christine at to be added.
  • Follow I Live Here I Give Here on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • Join our Facebook Group, the Central Texas Nonprofit Exchange, to receive real-time notifications on all things I Live Here I Give Here & Amplify Austin Day.
  • Visit the Nonprofit Dashboard frequently as it updates on a consistent basis with important marketing materials, toolkits and case studies.

Amplify Austin Components

Amplify Administrators

What is an Amplify Austin Administrator?

Amplify Austin Administrators have year-round access to your organization’s backend profile to edit content, review donations and manage Fundraiser Campaigns. Amplify Austin Administrators are typically staff or volunteers that are managing your Amplify Austin Day campaign and/or manage the finances or donor stewardship aspects for your organization. Each Amplify Austin Administrator will be added to I Live Here I Give Here’s communication list and will receive emails concerning their profile and the upcoming campaign.

How do I add or change my Amplify Austin Administrator?

You can update your Administrators permissions via your nonprofit profile at any time.

Cause Categories

What are Cause Categories on Nonprofit Members are organized into nine cause categories. We understand that a mission may be cross disciplined but the primary category you select will be used for reporting and prizes.

Please review the below category definitions to find the best primary category for your organization:

  1. Animal Care & Services - Nonprofits that provide care for animals.
  2. Arts & Culture - Nonprofits that focus on performing, visual, fine and applied arts.
  3. Basic Needs - Nonprofits that provide access to the basic needs of life: food, shelter and clothing which are necessary precursors to individual self sufficiency.
  4. Community/Capacity Building - Nonprofits that focus on developing the capacities of other nonprofits or organizations so they are better equipped to accomplish the mission they have set out to fulfill.
  5. Education - Nonprofits that focus on education for people at every stage of life.
  6. Environment - Nonprofits that focus on the natural world especially as affected by human activity.
  7. Sports & Recreation - Nonprofits that focus on activities that help develop life skills, talents and improve the general health of the body.
  8. Health Care - Nonprofits that focus on a healthy body and mind including access to healthcare, nutrition, and disease service providers.
  9. Human Services - Nonprofits that focus on meeting human needs with a commitment to improving the overall quality of life of a society or group.

Note: If I Live Here I Give Here secures matching dollars per category, your primary category selection will be used to determine eligibility. However, it is also up to the sponsor to determine matching criteria.

Fundraiser Campaigns

What is Peer-to-Peer Fundraising?

Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers are members of the community who raise funds on behalf of the causes they care about. These champions can create custom web pages and send their personal fundraising appeal to their network of friends and family. In 2018, these individuals, families and group of friends raised over $2.6M to lift up their neighbors and celebrate their passions.

I Live Here I Give Here believes that when we all come together, anything is possible. With ⅓ of all online donations deriving from peer-to-peer fundraising, peer-to-peer is more important than ever! We encourage you to involve your staff, volunteers and your Board of Directors. They are your greatest resources!

When can Fundraisers create profiles for Amplify Austin Day 2019?

Fundraisers can sign up to raise essential funds for their cause at any time. Fundraiser Campaigns intended specifically for Amplify Austin Day 2019 can be created starting Tuesday, January 15, 2019.

Are there resources that I can share with my Fundraisers to help with their campaign?

Yes! We provide several resources to help guide and inspire your Fundraisers. All Amplify Austin Day Toolkits and Case Studies are available on your Nonprofit Dashboard.

When Amplify Austin Day ends, what happens to my Fundraiser’s profile?

Fundraiser Campaigns specifically created for Amplify Austin Day 2019 will be deactivated March 31, 2019. However, Fundraisers can always reactivate or create a new page to continue to raise funds year-round.

Are Fundraiser Campaigns only available on Amplify Austin Day?

No! Fundraiser Campaigns are available to the community 365 days of a year to fundraise for the causes they care about. Fundraisers can create pages and crowdfund for specific programs or projects, special events or general operational funds. Whether it’s their birthday, their contribution for your charity ride or walk or just because they love your cause, is open for their fundraising efforts year-round.

Business Fundraisers

What is a Business Fundraiser?

Central Texas is full of passionate and generous businesses that champion causes right here at home. I Live Here I Give Here recruits local businesses to support and promote Amplify Austin to their employees. Some businesses offer matching dollars to match employee giving. Employees of over 80 businesses raised $1.1M for Nonprofit Members on Amplify Austin Day 2018.

Matching Grants

Can I use a matching gift to amplify my organization on Amplify Austin Day?

Yes. We encourage you to seek out individual and/or corporate donors that will match donations made to your organization during Amplify Austin Day. This is a great way to incentivize giving to your organization. On average, nonprofits with matching dollars available on Amplify Austin Day raise 5 times more than those that don’t.

Can I display my match on my profile?

Yes. Matching dollars are a huge motivator for giving and we want you to have the opportunity to share this information with potential donors. If your organization has a match available, you will have the ability to display this information prominently on your organization’s profile. It is the nonprofit’s responsibility to self-identify that you have secured matching funds on your profile along with a description of that match. Donors will have the ability to search for nonprofits that have secured matching funds.

How do add the Tito's hashtag to my donation?

Tito's Handmade Vodka will donate an extra $5 (up to $10,000) for any donors who use the hashtag #LoveTito's while giving to their favorite charities on Amplify Austin Day!

To add #LoveTitos to your donation, click "Add a Public Message to this Donation" during checkout on

Check Step 4 of these instructions here to learn how to add a public message to your donation.

Who is responsible for disbursing my matching grant dollars?

Any funds you secure from an individual or corporate donor to match gifts made to you on Amplify Austin Day will need to be disbursed by that donor directly to you. I Live Here I Give Here will not be involved in that process.

However, if you want matching funds to be included in your Amplify Austin Day online totals, you must instruct your donor to process the matching donation to your organization on during the 24-hour Amplify Austin Day period.

Incentives & Prizes

What incentives will be offered to boost donations on Amplify Austin Day?

I Live Here I Give Here works hard year-round to provide a robust Stretch Fund, matching dollar opportunities, grand prizes, hourly prizes and community prizes to make giving more fun and impactful for givers and nonprofits on Amplify Austin Day. In 2018, I Live Here I Give Here provided $1.53M to Nonprofit Members through the Stretch Fund, matching dollar opportunities and Amplify Austin Day prizes. Review all incentives and prizes available here.

Do scheduled gifts count towards prizes?

Scheduled gifts count towards grand prizes, but they do not count towards hourly prizes.

Can a nonprofit win more than one prize?

Yes. A nonprofit can win a maximum of 2 prizes, one from each category: one hourly prize and one grand prize.

How does I Live Here I Give Here determine “individual donors”?

Hourly prizes for number of donors is based on individual persons donating, not the number of actual donations.

How does I Live Here I Give Here determine a nonprofit as small, medium or large?

Eligibility for the “Large”, “Medium” or “Small” nonprofit grand prize are determined by the “Leaderboard Size” selected by you in your Amplify profile. Small, medium and large designations are determined by a nonprofit’s operating budget.


Must all donations be made through the Amplify Austin site?

Yes. is the designated website for donors to give to participating organizations during Amplify Austin Day. To qualify for the Stretch Fund and prizes, donations must be made through the platform by the donors themselves. Remember, is a tool that allows individuals to donate to nonprofits on their own initiative and is not intended as a vehicle to facilitate gifts that you have already solicited through other means.

Can a nonprofit offer a premium for Amplify Austin gifts?

No. All gifts made on Amplify Austin Day must be 100% tax deductible. No goods or services can be provided in exchange for the donation. No donation received through may be used for the following purposes:

  • To support a political campaign;
  • To purchase raffle tickets;
  • To pay for membership, sponsorship, event, dinner or any other activity that provides a benefit to the donor(s);
  • To pay for personal expenses including tuition, incurred by a director, officer or employee of your organization or any of their relatives.

Is there a service charge on Amplify Austin Day?

Yes. I Live Here I Give Here works hard to ensure that AmplifyATX.Org is a cost-effective and successful fundraising platform.

Transactions scheduled for and made on Amplify Austin Day incur a platform fee and credit card processing fee. The final effective fee on Amplify Austin Day is based on how many donors choose to underwrite the fees and the overall contributions to the general incentive fund. The final effective fee for Amplify Austin Day 2018 was approximately 3%, including the platform and credit card processing fees.

This small fee subsidizes I Live Here I Give Here’s cost of including nonprofit trainings, customer support, staff administration, financial services, insurance, online infrastructure, marketing, and PR. The platform fee will be no more than 6%. I Live Here I Give Here is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Donors have the opportunity to underwrite all fees (platform and credit card processing) year-round, and the option to contribute to a general incentive fund on Amplify Austin Day that is distributed pro-rata to all organizations.

Beginning January 1, 2019, transactions made on outside of Amplify Austin Audit Day incur a platform fee of 6%.

How is the final effective platform fee calculated on Amplify Austin Day?

The final effective platform fee depends on total donations raised on Amplify Day and the total raised in the general incentive fund. The entire fund is distributed on a pro-rata basis to all nonprofits, helping to mitigate the platform fee. The final effective fee for Amplify Austin Day 2018 was approximately 3%, including the platform and credit card processing fees.

What are credit card processing fees?

Credit card processing fees are incurred any time a donation or transaction using a credit card takes place. These processing fees are paid directly to credit card companies through our credit card processor Stripe.

Is there a minimum gift amount for Amplify Austin Day?

We strongly suggest promoting $25 as the best practice minimum. However, $5 is the minimum dollar amount accepted by the platform.

Can a donor schedule an automatic, one-time donation for Amplify Austin Day?

Yes. Starting January 15, 2019 up until 5:45 PM on February 28th, a donor can visit the site and schedule a donation to be made on Amplify Austin Day.

Scheduling a donation is convenient for people who are busy. We encourage donors to act while giving is on their mind. Promote scheduled donations in your communications and start your campaign with momentum!

Encourage your donors to make their gifts recurring to take care of all their annual philanthropic giving in one day. Donors can schedule their donation to be recurring monthly or quarterly throughout the year.

Please note that dollars raised through scheduled donations will only count towards Grand Prizes, but will not count towards Hourly Prizes. This is a pledge until the credit card is processed between 12AM - 6AM on March 1st.

Is there a check policy for Amplify Austin Day?

I Live Here I Give Here has created a check policy to account for exceptional donor situations. Please understand we have to manage the manual resources for this process as well as maintain the intention of an online campaign. For more information on the policy details and payment accounts, please contact Christine at or 512-717-4197.

Checks accepted will not be eligible for Hourly Prize consideration but will be considered for Grand Prizes and grand totals. Note that some match donors may have stipulations on matching donations.

Donation Reporting & Grant Disbursement

How and when will participating nonprofits receive the dollars raised on Amplify Austin Day?

Members will receive all online donations, including those made during Amplify Austin Day, directly through our card processor Stripe within 3-5 business days. All Amplify Austin Day prizes and stretch fund allocations will be distributed directly by I Live Here I Give Here through our card processor Stripe by March 31.

Business Fundraisers’ dollars received by I Live Here I Give Here will be distributed directly by I Live Here I Give Here through our card processor Stripe by the end of the month for funds received in that same month.

How can I see who has donated to my organization?

You will have year-round access to donation tracking information in real-time as well as the donor’s information so you can thank your donors appropriately.

Does my organization need to send a tax receipt for each donation we receive?

No. I Live Here I Give Here sends an automatic confirmation of the donation and a tax receipt via email once a donor gives. However, you are in charge of all the proper thank you notes! Donors want to hear from you. You can find inspiration for donor relations on your Dashboard.

Does my organization need to send an additional thank you note to our donors?

Yes. I Live Here I Give Here recommends you send a thank you note within 7 days upon receiving a gift via In 2018, 35% of donations were new donors to organizations! Turn these new donors into recurring donors and use donor-centered fundraising practices and language to make sure they come back! Personalize your communication, show where the dollars go and follow up with specific examples of how their gift was used. The goal is to turn these Amplify Austin Day givers into year-round givers.

Year-Round Giving on

What happens to my profile after Amplify Austin Day?

After Amplify Austin Day, your organization’s profile will remain active and local givers will be able to make donations or fundraise on your behalf securely through

We encourage you to update your profile periodically after Amplify Austin Day to provide ongoing communication with your donors about what their Amplify dollars are doing. Having a relevant and up-to-date profile will increase web traffic to your website and your organization could potentially experience residual giving based on your Amplify Austin Day activity.

Peer-to-Peer fundraisers can reference prior campaigns or create a new campaigns to continue to support their favorite causes year-round. Fundraisers have the capacity to run their own campaigns to fund a specific project or honor someone during a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary anytime throughout the year.

What is #GivingTuesday?

#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year-giving. I Live Here I Give Here officially joined the #GivingTuesday movement in 2017 as the Central Texas Community Leader.

#GivingTuesday is I Live Here I Give Here’s program to promote doing good and monthly giving in Central Texas. The Central Texas community participated in over 1.6 Million actions-for-good over the course of Giving Tuesday 2017, benefitting and impacting many local nonprofits, initiatives and the people of our community.

Why should I get involved on #GivingTuesday?

Research shows that nonprofit who launch their year-end campaign on #GivingTuesday raise, on average, 5 times more during year-end. By participating as an I Live Here I Give Here Nonprofit Member, organizations will be included in the global movement and have access to #GivingTuesday training opportunities and specialized tools.

How do I keep site visitors up-to-date on our organization?

Nonprofit Members can update their profile any time. We recommend making sure ongoing volunteer opportunities and upcoming events are updated for individuals, families and businesses looking to get involved. Local givers can search for nonprofits with events or volunteer opportunities as a gateway to getting involved with your mission and programs. We also use the volunteer information listed on your profile to identify potential nonprofit features for the KUT Get Involved Spotlight each month.


I Live Here I Give Here provides an array of in-person trainings and online resources that cater to all levels, from novice users to advanced users, to ensure you have the tools and resources to run successful Amplify Austin Day, #GivingTuesday and year-round online fundraising campaigns.

#GivingTuesday Webinar - Research shows that nonprofits who launch their year-end campaign on #GivingTuesday raise, on average, 5 times more during year-end. Get a head start on your campaign with an exclusive webinar presented by I Live Here I Give Here, the Giving Tuesday Community Leader for Central Texas. Join us online on October 11th for a workshop with #GivingTuesday guru, Jamie McDonald! Jamie will walk participants through a guided session to help plan their campaign, brainstorm about a goal, and create an authentic and strategic campaign. Participants will leave the webinar with a tactical strategy to build a giving day that inspires.

AmplifyATX Round Table Kick-Off - Join us on November 13th as we kick-off the 2019 Amplify Austin Season! The Round Table Kick-Off training session is created for current and prospective I Live Here I Give Here Nonprofit Members to begin brainstorming their Amplify Austin Day campaign. The training gives nonprofits the opportunity to brainstorm new ideas together, network with similar organizations, and learn from a variety of Admin. New this year, I Live Here I Give Here will be joined by our new technology platform provider, GiveGab, who will lead a discussion on utilizing new features on I Live Here I Give Here will present strategies for online giving and provide time for brainstorm breakout discussions at the roundtables. Each table will be led in breakout discussions by an experienced Amplify Austin Day nonprofit representative.

I Live Here I Give Here Workshop - Mark your calendar for January 23rd for the I Live Here I Give Here Workshop, a full-day of strategy sessions built to help you inspire, show gratitude and celebrate your supporters. I Live Here I Give Here will present three sessions with guest speakers and panelists to discuss building donor support through online giving. Topics include peer-to-peer fundraising, business engagement, marketing, storytelling, social media and donor stewardship. I Live Here I Give Here Nonprofit Members will walk away with ideas and material for Amplify Austin Day 2019 as well as giving strategies they can utilize any day of the year.

Membership Meetups - In the lead up to Amplify Austin Day, I Live Here I GIve Here will host several Membership Meetups to provide local nonprofit with access to our greatest resource - each other! These meetups allow nonprofit admin the opportunity to talk together and break down strategies and ideas in a small-group format. We’re excited to provide this opportunity to our members and encourage brainstorming and collaboration because we believe that Austin is stronger when we all come together.

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